By God's grace we seek to be:

A Christ-centered fellowship. We want to center our lives on a relationship with Christ that is real and personal (not on religious tradition or emotional experience).

A Worshipping fellowship. We long to be a people of passionate, Spirit-led, Bible based worship.

A United fellowship. We come from many diverse backgrounds, ages, and cultures, yet seek genuine unity and love in Christ.

A Grace-emphasized fellowship. We long for the holiness that flows from loving and trusting God’s free grace.

A Bible-saturated fellowship. Since we believe the Bible to be the very Word of God, we emphasize Bible teaching that inspires a love for truth and a life of radical obedience.

A Spiritually contagious fellowship. We want a faith so vital that we can’t help but tell others about Jesus.

A Prayer-dependent fellowship. We devote ourselves to pray alone and in groups to express our dependence on God.

A “Body-life” fellowship. The “ministers” of the church are not only the staff, but the people of the church.