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Ministry Description:  Administrative Pastor (Full-Time)

The Administrative Pastor will serve a key role in providing and overseeing the administration of New Hope leaders and ministries. This Pastor will serve as an Elder and will report to the Senior Pastor and Head Elders.  He will work cooperatively and complementary with the Senior Pastor and Head Elders to provide administrative oversight of the day-to-day ministries of the church. He must be a good team player, an effective communicator, and work well with church members, other Pastors, and staff in the utmost professional manner.  Flexibility in his job duties is a must. 


Candidate Qualities:


·         Possesses a spirit of unity that aligns with and supports the Senior Pastor and Head Elders.

·         Strongly gifted in grace-filled, effective, and encouraging leadership as well as staff development, direction, and when needed, correction.

·         Exceptional planning, organizational, and execution skills.

·         Manages time, details, and resources wisely across multiple departments within the church.

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·         Knowledge of corporate procedures preferred (finance, HR, operations, legal, IT, etc.).

·         Easily grafts into our church “family” and cultivates positive relationships with staff, volunteers, and “the body”.


Candidate Requirements:


·         Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by godly living and sacrificial service.

·         Strong convictions aligned with the EFCA Statement of Faith as well as a commitment to pursuing the mission of New Hope Church.

·         Holds a bachelor’s degree in business or ministry field or equivalent work experience.

·         Minimum of 4 years work experience in an administrative or leadership role.

·         Experience (paid or volunteer) in church ministry.

·         Computer software and technology competent.

·         Seeks to be licensed and/or ordained by the EFCA in a timely manner.



 Key Areas of Responsibility:


1.   Biblical and Personal Development

·         The foundation of good ministry is being rooted and grounded in Christ and His Word. Pastor will proactively be abiding in Jesus, in the Word, and in prayer daily and weekly.

·         Pastor will be responsible to continue personal growth through training and education.

2.   Director of multiple ministries as explained below, providing support, encouragement, oversight, and coordination as needed.

3.   Other duties to support the church as identified by the Senior Pastor and Head Elders.



Primary Duties:


Director of Operations:  Regular oversight of administrative assistants, office staff, and facilities


·         Oversight of office activities and distribution of tasks requested by Pastors and Directors.

·         Development and coordination of efforts to create ministry/office efficiency.

·         Oversight of Facility Coordinator and facility team(s).

·         Direct report for Facility Coordinator and all office staff.

Director of Human Resources:  Provide quality HR for all staff, including Pastors and Directors


·         Oversee PTO: receive and grant requests for vacations and manage the calendar to ensure adequate staffing for church programs and ministries.

·         Record all sick leave and personal leave for office staff, Pastors, and Directors.

·         Coordinate payroll with outside vendor in communication with Finance Coordinator.

·         Team building including regular meetings that include all New Hope staff (including Pastors and Directors).

·         Work with Senior Pastor and Head Elders to develop and oversee staff reviews and redirection.


Director of Children’s Ministries:   Supervise and encourage the Children’s Ministries Coordinator and team(s)


·         Meet regularly with Children’s Ministries Coordinator and team(s) to help plan and organize children’s ministries.

·         Work directly with Children’s Ministries Coordinator and team(s) to disciple and support parents and families with children.

·         Assist with recruiting and equipping leaders and volunteers. 

·         Direct report for Children’s Ministries Coordinator.


Director of Missions:  Work cooperatively with Missions Team and other ministry teams to assist in efforts to equip and send

·         Meet regularly with Missions Chair and team to administrate the missionaries and mission ministries of New Hope.

·         Support the local and regional outreach ministry chair(s) and team(s).


Secondary Duties:


Director of Finance:  Oversight of budget and expenditures


·         Work with Finance Team in approving expenses, collecting receipts, and managing previously budgeted items.

·         Help Finance Team work with Directors to develop a yearly budget.

·         Meeting and communicating budget related items with Finance Coordinator and other key leaders.

·         Direct report for Finance Coordinator and other finance staff.


Director of Technology:  Provide oversight and support for those providing technology, IT and streaming services

·         Meet monthly with Ministry Directors, Coordinators, and key leaders to review current practices and consider upgrades or improvements.

·         Direct report for IT and Technology Coordinator(s) and key leaders.

·         Oversee website upgrades and updates.


To Apply:  Please send your Resume and Letter of Application to New Hope Administrative Pastor Search Committee Chairman, Brad De Jong ( Apply Now!

About New Hope Church:

At New Hope, our vision is to build up gospel-centered teams of Jesus followers who reproduce themselves locally, globally, and to where Jesus is not yet known. We center our lives on the Word of God and prayer, seeking to bear fruit in every aspect of relational life, both within the church and toward those who are not yet reached. As the hands and feet of Christ, all members are gifted to have an impact for God’s kingdom. 


What does this look like practically at New Hope? We gather weekly within three worship services to study the Word of God through exegetical preaching and Sunday School classes. Our church also emphasizes significant relationships that extend beyond our Sunday morning worship gatherings. The heartbeat of community within New Hope is found in our adult life groups and youth ministry small groups where we encourage one another to live out the Gospel. 

About Orange City, IA:

New Hope is in Orange City, Iowa, which is in the northwest corner of Iowa.  The town is a healthy, growing community (6,200 residents) with good schools, growing industries, top-quality medical care, and three local colleges within 20 miles.  Orange City & northwest Iowa is a vibrant region with diverse social, educational, religious, economic & recreational interests and opportunities.

About New Hope Pastors:

New Hope Pastors must exhibit the qualifications for an elder/overseer/pastor as described in 1 Tim 3:1-7; Tit 1:6-9; 1 Pet 5:1-5.  Pastors should show evidence of living out these qualities in an exemplary way as evidenced by their immediate family, especially his wife, as well as within their local church, especially to their elders and other leaders who know the pastor and his wife well (if married). If married, their current marital health and having a long-term pattern of marital stability and faithfulness is of utmost importance, showing a long-term pattern of walking in line with what God’s Word teaches about sexuality.  Unmarried Pastors must evidence a long-term pattern of faithfulness in celibacy. 

Qualities of New Hope Pastors:

Godly Character and a Shepherd’s Heart

·         A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

·         A history of a strong, stable marriage and family life in line with God’s Word including living out well the Biblical teaching for a husband and father (if married, if has children).  The wife, children, and church leaders all bear testimony to this.

·         A love for and commitment to his own family.

·         A long-term pattern of effectively making disciples (leading others to Christ and helping them grow).

·         Has a good reputation with others and in the sight of God.

·         Personal financial stewardship including wise financial habits and history of Biblical financial faithfulness.

·         Healthy patterns of relating well to people of all kinds including faithfully dealing with and resolving conflict and disagreements with others.

·         Evidences the fruit of the Spirit in personal interactions especially with challenging people and/or circumstances.

Sound Doctrine and Alignment

·         Strong convictional agreement with and support of the EFCA Statement of Faith. 

·         Finds it easy to live in line with the constitution and by-laws of New Hope and the other supporting documents in the church profile including New Hope’s positions on secondary matters. 

·         Evidence of lifelong growth in sound doctrine (1 Tim 4:15).

·         Support the ministry and witness of the EFCA and the Central District of the EFCA.

Part Time

No part time openings at this time.